Geoengineering: New York Tornado Watch 06-08-15

By WeatherWar101

Today’s example of boiling the frog, was Monday’s Tornado Watch in New York State. Quite literally every day – it gets more ludicrous. There is only one methodology for creating these storm systems, and my viewers know it very well. It is plainly visible – every single day.

How is it that anyone thinks this is possible? How is any ‘meteorologist’ or ‘climate scientist’ explaining how ALL of this massive water vapor can be going up into the atmosphere and coming down (in-place) all around the world – on a daily basis?

I’m sure the short answer is, they aren’t. They aren’t explaining it at all, because they can’t explain it – at all. Not without acknowledging what I illustrate on this channel every week. Let any meteorologist (with a name and reputation to stake on his answer) explain how anything you see in this video is possible.

As we all know around here, we’ll be waiting a long time, for any real meteorologist to offer him or herself up for that kind of embarrassment. As far as this work and this reality is concerned, I can’t seem to find a meteorologist with the courage to support the lie, or the courage to acknowledge the truth.

There’s your “meteorological community.” I hope they are all very proud. Meanwhile, everyone keep shopping… nothing to see here.

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