Bob Lazar of Area 51 – 25 Years Later

Mainstream media piece, of course they have to throw a few zingers in there about his alleged spotty financial record and bring in some people who doubt parts of his story, like  Stanton “Nuclear flight-propulsion systems” Friedman. I for one tend to believe Bob Lazar, I think he’s telling the truth. I did at one point many years ago try to find out as much as I could about him but I honestly don’t remember all of the stuff I read about him back then. His body language to me looks very natural and he doesn’t seem to be floundering for what to say. He’s never altered his story. He came out in 1989 and went to the press, most likely to stay alive, and then went back to his life. If he would have died from a car crash or heart attack after hitting the T.V. news scene to expose this stuff it wouldn’t have looked good. If he would have just told his friends, who he invited down to watch nightime test flights that they also filmed,  I don’t think he would be breathing. These guys are in more danger of getting killed if they spill the beans to people around them and stay unknown to the general public, that’s when people who know something of this nature usually vanish. He did the right thing and they tried to alter his history and background to make him look like a disinfo agent or a hoaxer…~TS

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