Paul McCartney Is Not Dead

I’m not running conspiracy central here folks. People send me emails asking my opinion on all sorts of theories and I’m not going to address every single one of them. As for the Paul is dead deal I’ve received some emails about it and I already addressed it a few months back for what reason I don’t know. Because I’m a Beatles fan I’ll play along one more time for fun and I’ll let photos tell the story this time. Paul McCartney was never replaced and nobody outside of the Beatles wrote their songs for them. I know about the Tavistock/Beatles theories. Not sold on it, sorry. Anyway, as somebody else pointed out Paul’s left eye socket is lower in his skull, and always has been. Facial reconstruction doesn’t move eye sockets in skulls, especially in the 60’s. So unless they stuck Paul’s skull on somebody else’s body it didn’t happen. It’s the same guy. They can’t even make Mickey Rourke look like Mickey Rourke. There’s so many major holes in this theory that I don’t have the motivation to go through every single one of them. Let the photos do the talking. I have a headache, next…~TS

Macca Lives

Even in 2016, fifty years after the alleged death of Paul McCartney, some people still believe this old urban legend. I am here to show you that Paul did, in fact, not die. He is still the same person he always was: James Paul McCartney, eldest son of James (Jim) and Mary McCartney. Let’s hope he’ll be around for many more years to come, and let’s hope this silly hoax will die long before Paul does.

PID believers claim Paul’s eyes were dark brown, whereas Faul has green eyes. Is this true?

He has hazel eyes, which is a combination of brown and… drum roll…green…~TS

People who believe Paul McCartney died, often claim ‘Faul’ is much taller than Paul. I’m here to show you Paul didn’t have a growth spurt in the late sixties.

The Myth says: paul had attached ear lobes, Faul’s are detached. We’ll find out soon enough.

There are many illogical assumptions when it comes to PID. One of them is that the people closest to Paul could be persuaded to accept the impostor, let him take Paul’s place, and continue with their lives as if nothing happened. These people seem to forget Paul had a girlfriend, a father, a brother, three very good friends, and loads of relatives, colleagues, and friends. There’s no way they would all keep their silence. In this video, I’ll focus on he people closest to Paul and how they got along with him before, and after 1966.

Some things simply can’t be duplicated with surgery. Freckles fade over time, moles do not. Specific habits which happen subconsciously are difficult to unlearn, and we have no control over how our muscles contract. In this video, I’m showing some unique quirks and features which prove Paul has always been, and will always be, the same person he always was.

Most PID believers will, at one time or another, mention the article that was published in Wired Italia, in August of 2009. Though the article did, in fact, did *not* state that Paul was replaced, people usually put forth the article as ‘proof’ of Paul’s replacement. However, when we take a close look at the article, it soon becomes clear that something is not quite right…

Just when you thought people couldn’t come up with a crazier theory, they do just that.

He isn’t Vivian Stanshall either. The book is wrong…~TS

One of the claims made by PID believers is that Paul only ever used his left hand, whereas Faul uses his right. They’ll often point to the cover of Abbey Road to make this claim. But, is it true?

Did Paul only ever play bass prior to 1966?

New photo comparisons, looking at facial expressions, body language, and side-by-side comparisons. Part one of….?

What happens when OS X Photos’ facial recognition software scans Macca Lives’ Beatles photo collection? Take a look with me at the results, halfway through to analysing process. These were all sorted automatically by the software without human interference.

Nearly all of Macca Lives’ current photo comps in one place. Some of my favourites from when I first started making these, right up to the ones I made in the past few days. Enjoy!

Many people still believe George refused to call Paul bij his name. They’ll refer to a video in which he appears to be saying ‘Faul’, and which gives off the impression George is talking about a big secret he wishes to end. But is that what he really said? Check out the full Midday Show interview, and find out just how much editing was done to create that small snippet of George allegedly saying ‘Faul’.

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