Another Hollywood awards show meltdown. Actors demand open borders for everyone

By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran

Anti-Trump celebrities are losing their collective mind. The SAG awards showcased just how insane Hollywood elites have become.

Never believe actors. They are paid to act. What they say during award shows, via social media, or during some interview, is a performance.

Very rich actors are paid, by even more rich corporate masters, to deliver politically motivated policy scripts to useful idiot fans and followers.

If the actors who are crying about Trump’s immigration executive order (openly calling for violence against Trump supporters “the deplorables” in the of “love trumps hate”), would simply take in refugees to live in their many mansions…then we would not be labeling them as complete hypocrites.

Until then, all these SAG actors calling for violence in the name of peace, while doing nothing to help refugees other than deliver pre-prepared lines, are part of the problem, and a danger to America’s sovereignty.

Steven Crowder breaks down the Hollywood absurdity…

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