Protesters Block Ambulance, Washington & Multinationals Block Trump

Fuck these corporations. They have no issue outsourcing tech jobs to other countries. They’re already exporting jobs and have been for the last decade, they aren’t creating jobs here. People will get angry in those 7 countries? Oh well, fuck ’em, that’s life. Were they happier with bombs dropping on their heads? Trying running that line of shit past China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc..when people can’t enter their countries. “Oh people are mad at you” they care. They’re always trying to target people’s emotions in order to garner support for their agenda…~TS

Multinational tech corporations threaten to export jobs if they can’t get the high-tech employees they need from Somalia, Libya, Yemen, etc. Of course, there is no pool of high-tech employees. But their H1-B Visa program is next on the chopping block so they’re lawyering up and joining forces with former State Department and intelligence officials who claim people in the 7 countries that Trump would ban until extreme vetting could be put in place, will be angrier with us for enacting a temporary travel ban than they are for us bombing them and sending troops under Obama, Bush & Clinton.

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  1. Tech corporations like to outsource jobs, to be sure. They also complain of a shortage of engineers in the US. That is bull. They just want engineers from other countries to come here to the US because these folks are willing to work for much less than US graduates (who have to pay off their student debt).


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