🍕 #PIZZAGATE – Clinton Connection to Laura Silsby Child Trafficking in Haiti

Jake does excellent reports, I really like his YouTube channel…~TS

By End Times News Report

Hillary and Bill Clinton used their powers to help Laura Silsby, a convicted child trafficker, get a reduced sentence after being arrested for stealing dozens of children from Haiti. Silsby’s attorney, Jorge Puello, was sentenced to years in prison for his role.

You know about the Clinton family connections to PizzaGate, Sex Slave Island and child trafficking in Haiti. But how much do you know about their early days in Arkansas? This report is brim with explosive information on the Clinton Crime Syndicate, including: Bill Clinton’s pedophile sex parties, Roger Clinton’s cocaine trafficking, Bill’s trips to Jeff Epstein’s Orgy Island, Dan Lasater’s child sex slave operation, Vince Foster’s role in the coke business, Hillary Clinton’s censure for her efforts to cover it all up, and the mysterious murders of multiple people connected to the Clintons over a 6 week killing spree. If you ever share one video with your friends to wake them up to the Clinton’s history of crime, then share this one!

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