Ba and Ka – Egyptian Symbolism

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

Divinity is the “Great Spirit”, the “One”, the “All”. Everything that is, ever was, and ever will be is an integral and inseparable part of Divinity.

Divinity cannot be divided into parts nor can anything separate itself from Divinity. Should something be able to separate itself from Divinity then Divinity would no longer be whole, complete and Infinite. It would no longer be the “All”. It would no longer be Divinity. Therefore Divinity, by It’s very Nature is inseparable. Divinity is whole, complete and Infinite; It is the “All”.

Since Divinity is the One Great Spirit, everything that It expresses (creates) is also a part of this One Great Spirit and contains Divinity within it. When Divinity “creates” one of us It is expressing a fractional part of It’s Infinite Nature. Therefore, each one of us is a fractional expression of Divinity.

When Divinity creates something in the material realm It unites Spirit with matter in order to express a specific essence of It’s Infinite Nature.

At the moment of our conception (our physical creation) Divinity provides us with the Spiritual Life Force which will accompany us throughout our Current Incarnation. This Spiritual Life Force, or Spark of Divinity, which resides within us is what the Ancient Egyptians called the Ba. The Ba is the Vital Energy of Divinity which allows us to experience, interact with, and understand, the Spiritual,mental and physical realms of our Current Incarnation. The Ba also provides us with that specific essence of Divinity which we call our personality…our Divine Nature.

The Ba is represented, Symbolically, by the image of a bird with a person’s head. The bird is a Symbol which represents Spirit. Therefore, the Ba represents the Spiritual Life Force and personality of the person whose head appears on the bird. The Ba is the temporary Union which exists between Spirit and matter and represents the Spiritual aspect of our nature.

While the Ba represents the Spiritual aspect of our nature, the Ka represents our physical aspect. The Ka is the physical energy provided by the Ba which animates our body and enables it to move and function in the material realm.

The Ka is represented, Symbolically, as two arms in the shape of a square reaching toward heaven. The square is a Symbol which represents matter and the physical realm. Therefore, the Ka represents our physical energy.

Metaphorically, we can liken the Ba and Ka to the battery which is within our car. The battery provides all the energy which our car requires in order for it to function. The energy from the battery is available to all of the components of our car regardless of whether our car is turned on or off. This continual source of energy containedwithin the battery represents the Ba.

Once we start our car, and begin using its many functions, we begin to draw energy from the battery. This energy enables us to use the car’s headlights, radio, wiper blades, air conditioner, etc. The energy from the battery also allows our engine to start in order for our car to move and transport us from place to place. This energy provided by the battery which animates the car and allows it to function represents the Ka.

All ancient cultures understood that our bodies and Spirit are one. They understood that we are all children of, and a fractional expression of, Divinity. They also understood that the “marriage” of Spirit and matter is but a temporary Union. This powerful, yet temporary, Union is the Spiritual Essence which guides us through our Current Incarnation. The Ancient Egyptians expressed this Sacred Union by way of their Symbolism of the Ba and Ka.

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