Joe Rogan vs Steven Crowder: Heated Argument over Marijuana

Joe Rogan and Steven Crowder have a heated and intense argument over marijuana. Taken from JRE #917 – Steven Crowder.

From Joe Rogan’s Instagram: “Well, this one went off the rails for a while. First of all, I genuinely like Steven as a person, and although I might not agree with him about everything I think he’s a good man. During the podcast we got into the subject of marijuana and by that time we (especially me) were quite a bit drunk and didn’t exactly handle the conversation really well. Steven gets attacked online quite a bit, and it certainly wasn’t my intention to have him on my show to argue with him. At the beginning of the show it seemed to me that we weren’t being conversational as much as we were going off talking points so I suggested a few drinks as a social lubricant. We disagreed about weed, and judging by my personal level of regret after his reaction I’m sure I fucked up. I take 100% responsibility for it going off the rails, and I’m truly sorry if it upset any of you that listened to it or watched it. We managed to pull it back together at the end, but of course the shitty parts are all you or I will focus on for a while. My humblest and most heartfelt apologies. I do my best with these things but I, like all of us, am flawed.”

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  1. I read to the part they were drunk – and the baby went with the bathwater.
    Not interested.


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