Activist: Trump more dangerous than Hitler, is a fascist

Fuck this babbling cultural Marxist. Another person who doesn’t know what facism is. Another stooge being paid to read a script and of course she’s wearing her trendy ironic glasses…~TS

Tucker takes on member of Refuse Facism Now who insists President Trump is a fascist, more dangerous than Hitler and is urging people to rise up and drive him out of office

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  1. She’s ridiculous. As are many others.

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  2. They throw that charge out of being like or worse than Hitler, and that Trump is using Hitler’s “playbook”. That is bull. These folks do not know history. Children throwing a tantrum.

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    • They keep using the words facist, Hitler, and Donald Trump in the same sentence, and they do it over and over, it’s conditioning. They know a lot of people don’t really know what facism is or the history of Germany or Hitler. All they picture in their head is concentration camps.


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