LEAKED “Alien” Photo Gets Website Shut Down?

As much as I believe extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings exist I suspect this may be a hoax but who knows. People have asked for my opinion on UFOs, Aliens, etc… My take after twenty years plus of research into ufology, yes I believe it’s real and I don’t think there will ever be official disclosure. But, they do use the alien topic as a distraction as well and push disinformation within the ufology field to make the topic look silly so people dismiss it. There’s truth at the core of it though, but the public is kept in the dark about it. Also, I’m tired of hearing about project Bluebeam, yes they have hologram technology, they have had it for at least three decades. Every year for the last 20 years I heard a fake alien invasion was going to happen that year, never happened. It’s not going to happen…~TS

4chan taken down after alien photo was posted.

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