Health Ranger THREATENED: Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU

I see a lot of so called newer “truthers” on YouTube go after Alex Jones. They say he’s controlled opposition, he’s Bill Hicks (that’s an old bullshit story), he’s a Zionist, etc… A lot of these people in my opinion are spreading disinformation. In fact I think quite a few of them are probably on the payroll of some intelligence agency, Soros, or some other group. Some are just going along with what other people say and others just hate Alex Jones. That’s fine, if that’s really how you feel and you aren’t reading a script. What Mike talks about here didn’t surprise all…~TS

The Health Ranger has been threatened to “destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU.” The left-wing media is now trying to get prominent people inside the liberty movement to turn on each other.

Categories: Corruption, Propaganda

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