There is NO WAY People Could be Manipulated by THIS…Oh Wait!

One man with one idea was able to control the minds of the multitude. Years later that SAME idea is working to manipulate untold BILLIONS of unsuspecting individuals.

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  1. Wonderful post! Yes all this is true – this is how many fashion houses get women to buy everything from $2000 handbags to their brand of perfume. I remember while doing my degree in graphic design looking at adverts on the bus and instead of them comforting me as they did before, I suddenly felt threatened by them. Some propagandists have long short and long term plans too.
    Another example: Camila Parker-Bowles was once considered the evil “other” woman that lead to the eventual Princess Diana’s death. But Royal propagandists are carefully engineering her events and publicity so that when Prince Charles becomes King as heir, she will become a popular Queen Camila. Royal propagandists have been doing this since Kings began. History is written by the ones in power and it is only looking back at history and applying it to the future that we estimate truth.


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