The Unheard Truth Behind Roswell’s UFOs

This is interesting. Give it a shot and watch it…~TS

Strange occurrences in Roswell, NM, June 1947 may have set into motion events which would shape the future of humanity, in ways unbeknownst to many. Reports of crashed alien vessels were quickly swept aside, which spurred the imaginations of seekers everywhere vying to know what really happened. But it was the insiders, who eventually came forward, who gave us a glimpse into the shadowy side of the U.S. Government and collaborating corporations. In this special introductory overview episode of Truth Hunter, Linda Moulton Howe exposes deeper details of UFO crashes in the 1940s, the technologies which were recovered and the resultant government policies which instituted programs of secrecy and denial.

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  1. As to Roswell, the US government committed all 3 types of lying. They suppressed some facts. They put out for public consumption false statements. And, they trafficked in half truths at different times. When FOIA requests were made, if the government complied it was with heavy redacting.


    • I’ve been into Ufology for a long time and I was unaware of the crash in Missouri in 1941 that Linda mentions in the video.

      The U.S. government, the shadow government, NASA, and the intelligence agencies have of course suppressed facts and injected disinformation into this topic and they continue to do so. But, it isn’t just the U.S., it’s pretty much every government. There’s enough genuine witnesses, photos, documents, put the picture together though. I’ve said it before on here many times, I without a doubt after researching this material for over twenty years believe there’s extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings. Period.

      If people think every document, photo, piece of footage, eyewitness statement (from pilots, ex-military, air traffic controllers, police, government contractors, ex NASA employees, general public, etc…) are a hoax they have their heads up their ass. We can go back into ancient history and across many civilizations and look at stories of “Gods” coming to Earth and walking among us. I really don’t know why people find it so tough to realize we’re not the only ones.

      I think it makes people feel safe and comfy to think it’s just us, there is no space, we can’t go anywhere, planets are fake, stars are fake, there’s a dome over our head, all that exists is only what you can see. Everything is fake, go back to sleep. It make things nice and tidy for them, it reduces the clutter in their lives.

      Too bad that’s all bullshit.

      For the record, I’m not one of these people who think aliens will come and save us and I don’t think there will be any official disclosure. People in high places, black ops agencies, private contractors in the military and aerospace/tech firms know about them and have interacted with them and the rest of us don’t need to know anything. Don’t be concerned about any of it, it’s just silly nonsense and you have a dome over your head. lol.


  2. Great reply, TS. Here’s my take: Aliens or not, interdimensional beings or space travelers, abductions or out of body experiences (OBEs) – to me it does not much matter. I see from some quarters (atheist?) an attack on religious faith under the guise of “ancient astronaut theories” or “ancient alien” theories. Personally, I do not believe that every technological advancement, every artistic or cultural achievement, even physical changes in humans (DNA manipulation?) is due to the work or aid of aliens. Yet, some of the hardcore believers in aliens and ancient alien visits to Earth seem to be buying into that.

    Aliens and their purported activities in the past and even here in the present really do not tell us about consciousness, purpose of human life, and man’s spiritual destiny after bodily death.

    If we disagree, we do not have to be enemies.


    • I do think there’s an attack on religious faith but by leftists and cultural Marxists.

      I don’t think there’s an attack on religious faith under the guise of “ancient alien” theories. I also don’t think every technological development is due to the work or aid of aliens. I do believe we made some advances in technology due to them and I think they have manipulated our DNA. I don’t think they’re responsible for every advancement in every field and I don’t think they hold our hands.

      I believe extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings are around but as I said they’re not going to save us. I don’t think Jesus is coming back either because I don’t think he existed. Organized religion to me is a sham. But I am a spiritual person and I do believe there’s a creator or creators.


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