Virgin Birth (Symbolism, Mythology, and Mystery)

By Joseph Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

The doctrine of Virgin Birth is an extremely ancient and common motif (theme) found in the numerous mythologies, legends, and religions throughout our planet.

However, before we begin to explore the doctrine of Virgin Birth, it is important that we understand the Alchemical, Hermetic, Gnostic, and Esoteric meaning of the Word Virgin; a designation which comes down to us from the earliest dawn of antiquity.

Virgin, or Virginity is the pure; the untainted; the unadulterated. And the only True essence which fits this description of Virginity is Spirit. Specifically, the Virgin is that Esoteric Spiritual essence which is untainted or unadulterated by union with matter.

Therefore, Virgin Birth is Creation which occurs in the Spiritual Realm. It is pre-manifested Thought of the highest degree.

One of  the oldest accounts of Virgin Birth comes to us by way of the ancient Egyptian Mystery concerning Osiris and his wife-sister Isis.

After Seth murdered Osiris, and cut his body into fourteen parts which he scattered throughout creation, Isis scoured the entire world collecting Osiris’ parts in order to reconstruct the body of her husband.  She was able to locate every part of Osiris’ body except one – his penis.

After she located all of Osiris’ severed parts – save one – and reconstructed his body, she then hovered over the reconstructed body of her dead husband, became impregnated, and gave birth to Horus.

This Ancient Egyptian Mystery illustrates to us that this was not a physical birth. It was a Spiritual Birth; it was an Immaculate Conception.

This Egyptian Mystery is the same Lesson which comes to us by way of the Symbolic Trinity (Father, Son, and [Holy]Spirit). It is also the same Lesson which comes to us by way of The Three Gunas (Sattwa, Tamas, and Rajas). And, it is the same Lesson which comes to us from Hermetic texts (Nous,Chaos, and Logos).

In the Egyptian Mystery Osiris is the Father (the creator), Sattwa, and Nous. Horus is the Son (the created), Tamas, and Chaos. Isis is the Spirit (of creation), Rajas, and Logos.

A great deal of Symbolic Wisdom is contained within the Egyptian Mystery of Isis and Osiris.

The slaying of Osiris is Symbolic of the end of one life, or Cycle, so that another life, Cycle, or Incarnation can begin. As Osiris is the Egyptian Neter who personifies re-Incarnation, He represents the continuing Cycles of re-incarnation we must progress through until all of our Inner Demons are slain and Spiritual perfection is accomplished.

The number 14 represents the fourteen segments of the waning moon, it is therefore Symbolic of the waning portion of a Cycle.

The fact that the penis of Osiris was never recovered by Isis teaches us that the “birth” created between Isis and Osiris is a spiritual and abstract creation which comes about by way of Osiris “dying” in the physical and becoming transformed into a higher essence so that His Seed can reproduce itself, with the Spiritual assistance of Isis, on the next higher realm. This is a continuing Cycle which forever repeats itself until Spiritual completion is attained.

This continuing Cyclical principle of death, transformation, and re-birth into a higher realm is the theme which is Remembered,and honored, through the performance of Initiation Rituals and Rites of Passage. It is this Spiritual and Esoteric process which is represented by the Egyptian Symbol of the Ankh.

Isis, the Virgin, is the unseen creative essence which stimulates creation, and re-creation, in the Spiritual, mental, and abstract realms. Without the Spiritual stimulation of creative energy which Isis provides, the ability to create could not exist between the creator and the created. Therefore Isis Symbolizes the Spiritual creative principle which is invoked in Initiation Rituals and magical Ceremonies.

Horus Symbolizes the abstract, Esoteric, and Spiritual Creation which is the result of Virgin Birth. And because Horus is the highest essence which is created between Spirit (Isis) and the higher and higher re-incarnations of Osiris, Horus is the Symbol and essence of direct ascension. Horus Symbolizes the Path which is available to, and can be Traveled by, the select few who Choose to resolve all of their Incarnations in one lifetime.


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  1. The Nicean Creed that came from the Council of Nicea (ended in 325 A.D.) reaffirmed what had been believed in New Testament times. The theological importance of Mary’s virginity is that it establishes for Christians that Jesus was both “true God and true man” (per the Creed’s words) as He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. The Council was fighting against the heresy of Arias, which claimed that Jesus was merely human and denied His divinity.

    Yes, there were the mystery religions in the ancient Mediterranean world, and this has been known for a long time. I recall reading on them while an undergrad in the late 1970s. (As well, these were not just in Egypt. In Persia, there was the cult of Mithras.)


    • Father = mind – the creator (thought). Holy spirit = spirit – sacred feminine (emotion). Son = body – divine offspring (action, how we express our consciousness in the material realm).

      The proper balance between divine masculine (thought) and divine feminine (emotion) give birth to (sun of god) proper moral action in the world. The sun of god (solar principle), the light of the world, light is truth.

      Mary is a moon Goddess.

      It has nothing to with literal people. It represents, to me, the balance of consciousness and the creation of reality. Thought creates reality.

      Really, if you want to trace monotheistic religion back to it’s roots you’ll wind up going back to ancient Persia and Zoroastrianism and the Maji.


  2. Or, you will read the Vedic religion of India which is even older. And, contrary to what you see at the village level, is at the highest level monotheistic.



  1. Application of old pagan concept of trinity | Stepping Toes

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