🍕 #PizzaGate – Out of Darkness Into the Light – Parts 4 – 6

Check out parts 1 – 3 here. I will eventually put all of the parts on one page once Jake has completed the series…~TS

By End Times News Report

From her toddler years until her rescue at 15 years old, Teresa was subjected to inhuman abuse as part of ongoing satanic rituals. In this episode, we will watch clips from the Australian 60 minutes episode from 1989 in which Teresa tells her story.

In the full sense of the phrase, #PizzaGate refers to the satanic ritual abuse and sexual exploitation of children – often as part of pedophile rings that service the rich and powerful.

Once renowned for its work with disadvantaged boys, Boys Town became embroiled in the pedophile scandal known as the Franklin Cover up in which young children and teens were flown around the country to provide sex slave services for rich and powerful elites. This episode includes information on Paul Bonacci, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Hunter S Thompson, Alan Baer, the Bohemian Grove and much more!

This episode discusses the problem of pedophilia in the Catholic Church and how the practice has been used by evil and designing men to gain control of the vast resources of the Vatican Bank by ensnaring key leaders through homosexual and pedophile activities – and then blackmailing them into cooperation.

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