Police officer tells attorney to stop filming because of ‘new law’

Police officers are caught on camera inventing bogus law in a bid to stop lawyer filming them after he was pulled over while driving an Uber Uber driver Jesse Bright was pulled over by police in Wilmington, North Carolina

The passenger was asked to get out of the vehicle and was submitted to a search by officers who were apparently looking for drugs. Mr Bright, who combines driving with being an attorney, filmed the whole interaction on a dashcam and when the police officer asked him to stop, he questioned under what law. WECT reported that Sergeant Kenneth Becker, then told him: ‘Be careful because there is a new law. Turn it off or I’ll take you to jail.’ Mr Bright replied: ‘For recording you? What is the law?’

A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy then agreed with Sgt Becker that there was a state law forbidding filming of law enforcement officers. The officers then called Mr Bright a ‘jerk’ and ordered him to get out of the car while they searched it and brought in sniffer dogs. Mr Bright, who was never charged with any offense, told WECT he was sure the officers knew they were lying: ‘They should know, I’m sure they do know, that it’s legal to record police.’

Wilmington Police Department said an internal affairs investigation was now under way into the allegations.

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