Scotland to have new independence vote

By Adam Garrie | The Duran

The move arises due to Scottish opposition to Brexit.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has detailed her intention to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.

Although a referendum on Scottish independence was held in 2014 which was narrowly won by the ‘remain in UK’ side. However, with Scottish people voting strongly against Brexit, the issue of independence is very much on the table. In 2014, the word Brexit did not exist and the natural assumption was that Scotland was voting to remain in a UK that would forever be in the EU.

Now, the pro-EU population of Scotland find themselves faced with new realities.

The decision of the UK government to pursue a Brexit which will see the UK leaving not only the EU but the single market afforded by membership of the  EEA (European Economic Area) has been understood by Scotland as the ‘hard Brexit’ which Scotland remains vehemently opposed to.

The timeline of the referendum will depend on the trajectory of forthcoming Brexit negotiations, but Sturgeon is adamant that it will happen.

Next week, Sturgeon will go before the autonomous/devolved Scottish Parliament and conduct a vote in support of a new referendum. Because of the composition in that Parliament, her victory in the vote is virtually guaranteed.

No matter whose side one is one in respect of Scottish independence, one must support the democratic right of all people engage in self-determination. This is true of Donetsk, Lugansk, Transcarpathia, Britain in terms of Brexit and Scotland in terms of Britain.

In the short term however, Brexit just got a lot more complicated.

But of course, it will soon all be blamed on Vladimir Putin!

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