Do Vampires Exist? The Paranormal Mystery of Arnold Paole and the Flückinger Report | Documentary

Just a heads up for everybody, I’m going to try to cover a wider variety of topics on this blog because frankly I’m bored with the NWO/Surveillance State/Police State stuff and politics. While those topics are very important my intention when I originally started this site was to cover a myriad of topics, especially those dealing with the paranormal, the occult, Ufology, deep/hidden history, and conspiracies. I will continue to cover the NWO and surveillance state material but I will be throwing in more articles and videos dealing with other topics as well. I’m one person doing this in my spare time and I try my best to make this blog interesting and to cover a diverse array of topics. A topic that one person finds silly another person may really like so I choose what I find interesting and throw it out there…~TS

By The Paranormal Scholar

Do vampires exist? Are vampires real? The historic case of vampires which established the modern, culture legacy of vampirism was that of Arnold Paole and the Flückinger report. After claiming to have been attacked by a vampire, Paole’s death sparked an official investigation. This unexplained, paranormal mystery has intrigued many, including author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, ever since. So, are vampires real? What does science have to say on the history of paranormal, vampire folklore? What is the truth behind this paranormal mystery? Join me for one of the darkest cases of vampires in history. This is true horror.

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