Babylonian Mystery Religion – Kabbalah, Talmud, Gnostics, Templars, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasons

I’m not really into some of the Bible thumping but otherwise a decent video. To be honest it’s difficult to find a video on these topics without somebody putting some type of spin on them or being biased. I watched a chunk of the video not the whole thing, from I watched he’s on the right track. Take a good look at the slide at 1:54. I have said repeatedly over and over on this site it all goes back to Babylon, Babylonian Magick, mystery religion, which leads to Kabbalism. At the center of the web you have dark occultists or some call them Qlippothic Kabbalists, some say the true spelling is Qabalah. From there it branches out into different religions, secret and not so secret societies and orders…~TS

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