The London Attack

Some are outlets are reporting five dead and 40 injured.

Zero Hedge writes:

A summary of the latest development from today’s London terrorist attack, which has taken place on the one year anniversary of the March 2016 Brussels Massacre:

  • An SUV drove over Westminster Bridge knocking down pedestrians this afternoon killing at least four people in the process – including one policeman and the suspect – while injuring 20 others
  • Victims were said to have been left scattered in the road, with some reportedly floating in the River Thames
  • A knifeman, described as ‘middle-aged and Asian’  then got into the grounds of Parliament where he reportedly stabbed a police officer
  • He as then shot by armed officers as the area was cleared by emergency services
  • According to a Scotland yard conference, there are numerous casualties, including police officers;
  • The London police requests the public to avoid the area around parliament and nearby bridges.
  • Parliament was suspended and the Prime Minister was rushed from the scene in an unmarked police car
  • As SkyNews summarizes the chaotis sequence of events, the attacker drove into people on Westminster bridge, drove to Parliament Square, stabbed police officer and was shot by police

Read More:

Four People Killed, At Least 20 Injured After Terrorist In SUV “Mows Down” Pedestrians In London

London ‘terrorist incident’ happened on 1st anniversary of Brussels bombings

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  1. we havent seen these images in the uk


  2. and he looks asian to me – means different thing here


  3. pakistan is asia – i know it means china over there


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