The London Attack

Some are outlets are reporting five dead and 40 injured.

Zero Hedge writes:

A summary of the latest development from today’s London terrorist attack, which has taken place on the one year anniversary of the March 2016 Brussels Massacre:

  • An SUV drove over Westminster Bridge knocking down pedestrians this afternoon killing at least four people in the process – including one policeman and the suspect – while injuring 20 others
  • Victims were said to have been left scattered in the road, with some reportedly floating in the River Thames
  • A knifeman, described as ‘middle-aged and Asian’  then got into the grounds of Parliament where he reportedly stabbed a police officer
  • He as then shot by armed officers as the area was cleared by emergency services
  • According to a Scotland yard conference, there are numerous casualties, including police officers;
  • The London police requests the public to avoid the area around parliament and nearby bridges.
  • Parliament was suspended and the Prime Minister was rushed from the scene in an unmarked police car
  • As SkyNews summarizes the chaotis sequence of events, the attacker drove into people on Westminster bridge, drove to Parliament Square, stabbed police officer and was shot by police

Read More:

Four People Killed, At Least 20 Injured After Terrorist In SUV “Mows Down” Pedestrians In London

London ‘terrorist incident’ happened on 1st anniversary of Brussels bombings


  1. we havent seen these images in the uk


  2. and he looks asian to me – means different thing here


  3. pakistan is asia – i know it means china over there


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