NOTHING to SEE HERE! Move Along and Stop Questioning Us

I’m not going to say much here, but I will say I don’t think Alex Jones is cointelpro. In my opinion I think he and his family were threatened and/or they were going after his business/income. I don’t slight people for making money, you need to put food on the table. He’s a big target. The cute little YouTube truther channels and websites usually aren’t on their short list for outlets to take down. I think AJ pulled back on this story in order to continue his operation and to report on other stories. Yes it’s disappointing, I’m actually quite pissed off with his apology, but I’m not in his shoes and possibly losing your business, family and/or life is also disappointing. I don’t know what is going down behind the scenes but everybody is a critic or a superstar truther… until they’re put in a similar situation…~TS

The pressure is on to NOT speak about something that MUST be addressed.

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