UFOs: A Game of Perception

This video puts forth the theory that UFO technology could solely be the work of German scientists and that the technology was then brought over to the U.S.. Personally from what I have read over the years I think the Germans definitely experimented in advanced anti-gravity technology and they definitely had fantastic scientists that came over to the U.S. (Operation Paperclip) but I think a good dose of the accounts that are talked about are exaggerated and quite frankly fiction. Some people even proclaim the NAZIs flew to Mars. There’s no hard evidence. In short yes I think we have our own anti-gravity vehicles but the theory that Germany is responsible for all of is in my opinion disinformation. People would also have to ignore a lot of accounts of alleged UFO sightings prior to WWII and WW1 and going back hundreds and even thousands of years. As for time travel, could be possible, people talk about it a lot, but there’s no evidence of it, period. I just hear stories. There’s also no hard evidence (that the public is privy to) that aliens exists, so people are left with sorting through testimonies from eye witnesses, whistleblowers, documentation, photos, videos, etc. If there are extraterrestrials, I don’t doubt for a second that they would use use Germany or anything else as a cover, hell why not throw Russia into the mix as well. I also don’t doubt for a second they would try to make the extraterrestrial topic look silly or “cute” to discredit it and mix truth with fiction in order to manipulate the public’s perception of UFOs and of their origin. Because we can make something or fake something doesn’t mean the real McCoy doesn’t exist. Just my two cents…~TS

The United States has been experimenting with “free energy” and “antigravity flying machines” in secret ever since World War II. Get the facts and check your reality at the door because this trip is going to be a bumpy ride.

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