Paranormal Q&A: Demons, Dreaming of the Future and the Power of Names

I started posting videos from The Paranormal Scholar in early March 2017. Apparently other blogs have picked up on her material as well. A number of people have contacted me and told me I got them interested in her material so I know a number of my followers have subscribed to her YouTube channel after seeing her videos on my blog and they started posting her work to their own blogs. I hope her channel continues to grow and I hope she keeps putting out quality videos…~TS

In this paranormal Q&A, the Paranormal Scholar discusses another personal paranormal experience; the spiritual power of true names; the existence of demons; cryptids; the possibility of a live stream; and much more! So why not grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee as you listen to this 50,000 subscriber special, podcast-style paranormal questions and answers?

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