Sex Trafficking and Child Exploitation in Thailand

It’s long been alleged that Thailand is a haven for pedophiles…~TS

Child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Thailand is discussed, with attention paid to prevention, HIV, and the deteriorating family structure in the country that is resulting from sex tourism. Education vs. the lure of red light districts and the culpability of sex tourism in the deterioration of future generations is explored in this Crime Time interview with Rachle Goble of the SOLD Project.

GUEST BIO: Having grown up in a family passionate about issues of social justice it was no surprise when Rachel Goble dedicated her life to advocating for sexually exploited women and children. Rachel graduated from Westmont College in 2005 with a Bachelors in Business and Marketing, then worked in youth ministry before heading back to school at Fuller Seminary to pursue a Masters in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Children at Risk. It was during this time that she heard of the issue of child sex trafficking and knew that something had to be done. Her master’s thesis brought her to India and South Africa, where she spent three months hearing the stories of children who had been trafficked, and meeting with organizations doing on the ground work for prevention, rescue and rehabilitation. She came on board with The SOLD Project in 2008 to found the non-profit.

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