Jay Dyer – Disappointment of Trump Submitting to Neocon (Zionist) Pressure

Jay Dyer from jaysanalysis.com talks about Trump folding to pressure from the deep state and the neocons over Syria. Is this it for Trump?

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  1. He also faces quite a dangerous situation. half the population loathes him. And the other half are the people who voted for him – and, indeed, who absolutely did not vote for this sort of thing.

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    • You’re right and the half that loathes him will always loathe him, even if he plays the neo-con game. And he’s pissing off the other half who voted for him. I never thought the guy was going to be the answer for all of our problems, that’s foolish thinking. The people need to change their mindset in order to have a massive change and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I had some hope that Trump wouldn’t full out play the neo-con game in Washington and I hoped he would not get involved in a continuous cycle of war. We knew Hillary was going to go balls out from day one. Trump has been doing some decent things with the economy and jobs but people are sick and tired of bombs flying all over the place. I told somebody four months ago that it may be too late in the game to turn things around in America, even if we had the greatest person in the world in office. The U.S. government has been usurped by a body of people who have no interest in retaining a republic and who are looking out for their best interests and want to push their agenda.

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  2. I think it is really quite extraordinary. The UK Govt was assembled post-Brexit vote because lots of people have had enough of this globalist agenda. I am not stupid enough to have believed that they were ever serious about changing anything but, for example, Boris Johnson’s current positioning is laughable. Who is really deciding these things? Because nobody with any sense can really think things in Syria can now be sorted out like this. To have thought that for Iraq was bloody naive – but possible. To think that now about Syria is inconceievable. And Trump said only 5 months ago that such actions could well herald WW3. Hopefully he may be wrong about that

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