President Donald Trump FULL Press Conference On RUSSIA, CHINA, NATO, SYRIA & NORTH KOREA 2017

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  1. And there was I hoping that that hideous organisation might be about to fall apart


    • Talking about NATO? Didn’t Trump mention last year that NATO was becoming obsolete? I think Trump made the mistake of thinking he would walk into the White House and bend people to his will. I think he got a rude awakening. He’s dealing with psychopaths running a world wide mafia. I don’t think Trump was scamming us from the beginning, I think he got in and realized that nothing is going to get done if he doesn’t play some ball with psychos. Problem is they want the whole nine yards, you can’t just dip your feet in the water with them. Trying to get rid of all of them is like trying to get rid of roaches. They’re entrenched.

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