Alien Ship Entering Portal Over Mexico?

I call bullshit on this one, looks like CGI to me…~TS

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  1. ANY thing from “Secure Team 10” IS BS. Tyler Glockner is a fraud and routinely debunked. Check out “UFO Theater” or “Captain Disillusionment” both excellent sources for exposing frauds like Tyler, and those irritating Cousins brothers at “Thirdphaseofmoon” -Don’t fall for the hoaxers, and don’t give them money!


    • I don’t give money to any website or channel. I don’t ask people for money here and I don’t donate it to other sites or outlets. Maybe that makes me a dumb prick I don’t know. I pay money out of my own pocket to keep this site up and to not have ads on it. That doesn’t necessarily mean I have a problem with people making money running a media outlet. If that’s their full time job then that’s what they do. It’s not something I do.

      I don’t know Tyler but I don’t think everything from his channel is hoaxed. I’ve watched videos of people supposedly debunking some of Tyler’s videos and I wasn’t entirely convinced. I also don’t have the time to watch every debunking video and keep track of it all. And, unfortunately a lot these UFO “debunking” channels also feature flat Earth videos. They’re pushing the “all UFO videos are fake” agenda. I’m pretty picky when it comes to posting any UFO videos from any YouTube channel and I’ve watched some videos on Tyler’s channel that are genuinely interesting and didn’t smack of being fake. Does he miss the mark at times? Yeah he does, like the video above, and I call it out, but I can’t say it’s intentional and nobody has proved it is intentional. He will usually post videos/photos people send him and will question the footage if it seems to good to be true, as he did in the above video, he said it may be CGI. I personally don’t think he’s creating fake videos and pretending people are sending them to him. I’m just getting down to brass tacks and giving my own personal opinion.

      Give me a list of UFO channels you think are credible. I’m not interested in websites or channels that debunk other websites or channels. I want to see legit photos and footage.


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