Powerful 3 Color Phaser Hit the Korean Missile Test??

I can hear it already from morons, “satellites don’t exist, lasers don’t exist, nothing exists except my fat ass, food, my computer and the chair I’m sitting in”.

But anyway, as I said previously nobody is going to fire off nukes, N. Korea is not going to do shit, it’s a distraction…~TS

I got an email from a supporter who is a government weapons scientist. He prefers to remain anonymous, but I know his name and where he is employed and that alone is sufficient for me to believe him.

Let’s call him Tim. Tim says that in 2009 he was working with some US Army researchers who were working on a highly-classified, directed-energy weapons program. Tim was aware of the problems this project was facing in generating enough power to create a laser shot powerful enough to be an effective weapon.

He made a suggestion that instead of creating a super-powerful laser using only one color of laser light, that they create a more versatile weapon using the three primary colors of light; blue, red and green.

That way, the laser could be automatically tuned to the exact color that is best absorbed by the target in milliseconds.

The Army researchers were impressed and suggested that Tim publish a paper on his idea. He declined because he felt he couldn’t get cleared for such a project. But Tim now believes that was the genesis of a new type of laser that is now being tested by the Navy, Army and Air Force. All 3 services now have color laser kill systems according to the researcher.

Tim says that he has followed the unclassified literature since then and everything he told me is considered unclassified at this time.

Tim says that a color laser that adjusts its color to how much laser light in reflected back by its intended target is 200 times as powerful as single color lasers because the laser light tunes itself to select the color that doesn’t tend “bloom” as it travels through the air.

That has been the biggest problem with the big airborne laser project that many of us have read about – the one that fills up an Air Force 747 test plane. It could never get an effective kill range of more that 2-3 miles. With the color laser – if you can see it, you can shoot it.

Tim says that even hardened targets with a gold-mirror, laser-shield surface can be easily destroyed with the new color lasers.

Tim says that tri-color lasers started operational deployment in 2014. He believes that some are aboard Naval destroyers off the coast of Korea today. One fielded by the Army in a large truck shoots so fast and uses so little energy, that it can shoot down 2000 artillery shells before having to recharge its batteries.

“Yes, it’s now possible to blow up incoming enemy shells in the air,” says Tim. “With a ship’s power supply, there is very nearly unlimited ammunition.”

Tim believes that a satellite-based color laser system – which he calls a phaser system – would be the best possible weapon for gunning down a Korean ICBM launch.

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