The Circle – As A Symbol

I’m putting these up because some of my blog followers have expressed an interest in occult symbolism. I’m putting up articles from sites that have helped me over the years to understand some of this. The articles are simple and to the point and are just scratching the surface of some of these topics. A lot of people aren’t interested in listening to a hour or two hour long podcast with somebody babbling about symbols. I always suggest people download this information and save it. The add-on for for Firefox called “Print Friendly” is great for this. I have hundreds or most likely thousands of articles pertaining to the occult saved to my hard drive and I can always go back and read them or quickly scan through them to refresh my brain as opposed to watching or listening to an entire podcast or video again.

As a quick note, in many branches of ritual magic a circle is believed to contain energy and/or offer protection…~TS

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

“The beginning and the end are one.”
– Heraclitus

The Circle is an unbroken line which has no beginning, no end and no direction. Because of these attributes, The Circle represents a completeness which encompasses all space and Time.

Symbolically, The Circle depicts the unending, the unknowable, the un-measurable, the un-graspable and the indefinable aspects of Eternity which surpass and baffle our rational minds. In other words, The Circle is the Symbol of Divinity. And because The Circle is a Symbol of Divinity it is also a Symbol of perfection, completeness and Unity.

But why The Circle? What makes The Circle the most appropriate Symbol to depict Divinity?

Just as Divinity is un-measurable, un-knowable, un-speakable and indefinable, so too is The Circle. The only way we can attempt to measure the area or circumference of a Circle is by way of the arithmetical (rational) function of pi. Pi ( π ), or 22/7, is an irrational (unending) number. An irrational number is any number whose final decimal place can never be resolved. Regardless of how many decimal places we carry pi out to, we can never resolve, or finalize, its final decimal place. And although we can come closer and closer to resolving pi, the Truth is, pi can never be resolved.

In the same way in which our rational measurements can bring us closer and closer to resolving the final function of pi, and therefore The Circle, so too can our rational minds bring us closer and closer to understanding Divinity. In the end, however, regardless of how close we come to getting an exact measurement of a Circle, or to understanding Divinity, our rational minds can never fully resolve, or understand either one of them; the Circle, and Divinity, are both un-measurable, un-knowable, un-speakable and indefinable in finite terms. This is why The Circle is the perfect Symbol for Divinity and all of Its Eternal Aspects.

The Circle, in addition to being a Symbol of Divinity, is also a reminder that we cannot resolve or understand infinite (spiritual) Truths with our finite (rational) minds. We can only understand Divinity through the spiritual aspects of Our Divine Nature. This is accomplished through meditation and Prayer.

Meditation and Prayer are the Gnosis (insight, intuition, imagination and Wisdom) through which we know and feel that we are part of something more magical and Divine than our simple material “selfs”; that Divinity resides in us by way of our Atman; that we are expansive spiritual beings; and that we can improve and perfect ourselves, to any degree we desire, by way of the Spiritual, un-measurable and infinite Powers which reside within us.

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