The Four Elements (Alchemy, Astrology, Symbolism)

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

Esoterically, metaphysically, and astrologically we are Instructed that the realm of matter consists of The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each one of these Elements is an integral part of the physical universe. Therefore, creation is manifested by way of these Four Elements.

Human beings are physical creations. Human beings exist in the material realm. Thereby, human beings consist of, and are governed by, the Divine Essences contained within, and expressed by, The Four Elements.

The Four Elements are divided into two classes: one class consists of the two seen, or visible, Elements and the other class consists of the two the unseen, or invisible, Elements. The two visible Elements are Fire and Earth, and the two unseen Elements are Air and Water. With this in mind, let us take a look at each one of these Four Elements so that we can better understand how we have been designed by Deity to function within the realm of matter.

The Two Visible Elements (Man and Woman):

Fire is the masculine principle which radiates: it is assertive and bestowing. Fire is the masculine Seed which impregnates the feminine Womb. In the physical realm Fire is the Man; it is also the Sun.

Earth: Earth is the feminine principle which receives: it is passive and receptive. Earth is the feminine Womb which accepts the masculine Seed. In the physical realm Earth is the Woman; it is also Mother Earth.

The Two Invisible Elements (Thoughts and Feelings):

Air: Air is the masculine, mental principle: it is the conscious, rational mind where Thoughts and ideas are created. The mind is also the Gateway to Imagination. In the physical realm, Air is the atmosphere and heavens above us into which we gaze for inspiration and guidance.

Water: Water is the feminine, spiritual principle: it is the intuitive Subconscious; it is the realm of feelings. It is also the deep Spiritual Ocean, the primeval Chaos, where everything already exists and awaits manifestation. In the physical realm, the Element of Water represents our deep oceans which conceal and Veil, the numerous Mysteries which lie below their surfaces.

A unique combination of The Four Elements exists in each one of us and their unique combination determines who we are; they determine our Divine Nature. For although we may be born a man or a woman, a portion of the opposite gender is incorporated into each and every one of us. This Divine Truth is expressed by way of the yin-yang Symbol.

However, although all Four Elements exist within every one of us, they are merely the “building blocks” necessary for creation. They are not creation in and of themselves. For creation to occur, life must be “breathed” into them by the Breath of Divinity which is spoken of in all ancient texts. This “Breath of Divinity” is the Mysterious and quintessential Fifth Element called Aether.

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