5 Eric Johnson Style Descending Pentatonic Licks – with Tabs

Lick 1 0:59
Lick 2 4:04
Lick 3 7:00
Lick 4 9:10
Lick 5 11:25

In this lesson, I cover 5 descending pentatonic licks in the style of the great Eric Johnson. Licks like these are very noticeable in Eric’s lead playing style. If you’ve heard the big descending runs in songs like Cliffs of Dover, then you know what I’m talking about. All licks are played in the E minor pentatonic, or G major pentatonic scales.

The licks cover different positions on the fret board, so you will be able to apply these ideas anywhere. I simplified the picking in these licks to make them more accessible. Instead of picking every note (which Eric Johnson often does), a use a lot of hammers and pulls. Of course, you can try an pick every note if you want, but hammers and pulls make these a whole lot easier!

I suggest taking some of the basic ideas here, and try incorporating them into your own lead style. Enjoy!

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