3 Haunted Paintings and Their Histories Revealed

Haunted paintings can be creepy or sad. However, haunted art becomes all the more disturbing once its history is revealed. Curses and ghosts attach themselves to these objects because of their dark pasts. Some call these spirits dybbuks. From serial killers to tragic victims, the Paranormal Scholar presents three of the most interesting haunted paintings.

All art is meant to evoke an emotion from whoever gazes upon it. Yet, there are some pieces, in this case paintings, that go beyond ordinary emotion. There are some paintings that seem to be haunted by an unnatural force, whether it be sinister or sad. Some have even claimed to have been physically harmed by artwork, and in one case the catalyst of global hysteria. However, many paintings that claim to be haunted do not seem very convincing upon close scrutiny. There are some, however, which make you think twice…

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