Alex Jones Is NOT Bill Hicks

Another beauty people have asked my opinion about. I think I addressed this a few times in the comments section. This is an old tired conspiracy theory for morons. The first video below presents part of a troll video at 5:35 made by somebody where he compares photos of AJ from two different time periods but says they’re from the same time period, 1997, they’re not from the same time period. Jones didn’t start gaining a decent amount of weight until the mid 2000’s, not 1997. Even better are the videos I have watched where people have just simply photoshopped images of Jones and Hicks to get the desired result they wanted. The CIA supposedly killed Jones and brought in the older Hicks and gave him plastic surgery, blah, blah… bullshit. There’s other variations of the story, all of them are nonsense. Hicks would have been 56 at this point, Jones is 43. “He looks older than 43” is what some people say. I see people in their 30’s that look like they’re in their 50’s. Some people age like shit due to genetics, stress, lifestyle, booze, drugs, smoking cigarettes, whatever, it happens all of the time. At 12:10 in the first video Bill Hicks looks more like Mike Meyers than anybody else. Seriously if you’re a “truther” and you believe this, take down your truther YouTube channel, your truther website, stop whatever truther shit you have going on, and call it a day. I really don’t care about Alex Jones but if you sit around and fill your head with this crap I honestly feel bad for you…~TS

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