President Trump Now Declares: “I’m a Nationalist… *AND* A GLOBALIST”

At this point every time this guy opens his mouth things just get worse…~TS

By Melissa Dykes | The Daily Sheeple

Looks like someone came out of the closet…

In his latest Wall Street Journal interview, president Trump has declared that he isn’t just a nationalist…

He’s also a globalist.

Apparently he now admits he’s both.

Yes, just after his dramatic reversal on NAFTA (and NATO), Trump has officially declared himself “also a globalist”. He told the WSJ:

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” President Trump said. “I’m both. And I’m the only one who makes the decision, believe me.”

Yes… Believe him.


A senior Toronto bank executive told the WSJ that this administrative duplicity on global trade was evident by the calls President Trump’s Chief economic advisor Gary Cohn and his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have made  on numerous occasions to senior Canadian business officials in recent weeks, assuring them that no significant changes to NAFTA are expected.

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  1. I am for the people (nationalist) and also for supra-national corporations (globalist)! WTF!
    Its worth getting a twitter account just to challenge Trump on this statement!


    • Yeah man, I’ll admit, like a lot of people I gave Trump half a chance during the election. Even with what I know about his connections and the way things really are in government. I knew I didn’t want Hillary in the seat, that was a 100% guaranteed disaster.

      I don’t think he was playing the long scam. As I mentioned in another comment a few weeks back I think Trump thought he was going to roll into Washington and bend people to his will. That didn’t happen so he started to make concessions and it’s snowballing now. You can’t just “sort of” play along with Zionists. You can’t be a nationalist and a globalist, that doesn’t work. It’s one or the other.

      Now the heavy duty conspiracy side of me has me wondering if it was a long scam. Trump utilized Alex Jones’ and other large alt-media outlets to get a load of people to vote that normally wouldn’t have voted for anyone. Several of these outlets promoted him. So he gets a large portion of the alt-right vote then once he gets in he does a 180. This obviously aggravates the alt-right (I hate that term by the way, just another label) voters and turns them off to the outlets that promoted Trump during the election. Those outlets then lose some credibility and a portion of their audience. I’m seeing a lot of shit being thrown at Infowars in the last month. I personally think AJ thought Trump was the real deal. Frankly, I think AJ is in damage control mode with his audience right now because of Trump. It would be a very bad move to play along with Trump knowing he wasn’t the real deal when you run a major alt-media outlet/business for the reason I mentioned above. It puts these outlets in a very bad spot. That’s if you don’t think these outlets are run by the CIA, that’s another angle, which I don’t agree with when it comes to Jones. I think he’s the real deal. Loud, overly dramatic, hyperbolic and annoying at times, yeah but I think he does his own thing. Although I think the CIA has definitely infiltrated the alt-media, especially the small to mid level outlets and they run YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a load of other social media platforms, sites and forums. If people don’t realize that by now they should.

      What I do know for sure is that I’m going to keep putting out information on my site. I don’t make any money from this site and I don’t care how many hits it gets and I have no hidden agenda. I’m just a guy who has a regular job and who knows a little bit about the way this world works.

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