New “Genius” Show Sells Einstein as The Smartest Man Ever But It’s a LIE

People should look into the work of:

Nikola Tesla

Hendrik Lorentz

George Francis FitzGerald

Paul Gerber

James Clerk Maxwell

Bernhard Riemann

Heinrich Hertz

Erwin Schrödinger

Werner Heisenberg

Lana mentions them in the video…~TS

National Geographic aired a new show, “Genius” focusing on the life of Einstein, claiming he solved the mysteries of the universe despite being hated by Germans for being Jewish. In reality, Einstein was a plagiarist, communist, Zionist and a fraud. He is a constructed myth.

From TS: Just to be fair I’m including a comment from the YouTube comment section under this video from a person that does not agree with Lana and Henrik.

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