Massive “Ship” Over France, China & Australia

What we see in this video could be the use of holographic technology, although at 3:49 there’s a reflection in the water. I’m always weary of sightings like these when there’s a lot of cloud cover. At this point they could project a hologram of a massive hamster in the sky and most people wouldn’t care. This is why faking an invasion (project Blue Beam) would be a complete waste of time in this day and age. People are too apathetic. They might film it with their phone, maybe put it on YouTube, people will say it’s fake and move onto to the next video. What they want to do is fake enough of them and mix it with the real stuff so people will think they’re all fake.

One more thing, I’ve received emails and comments from people, usually flat Earthers using anonymous or private email accounts, bitching about Tyler at Secureteam 10 and warning me that he’s a fraud. I don’t know Tyler but I’ve been into Ufology for a long time and I can decide for myself what photos/videos look bogus and what photos/videos don’t and I can post what I want on my site and comment on the material. So please fuck off with the emails and comments about Secureteam 10. If you don’t like it stay off my site, very simple solution…~TS

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