Information Warfare and the Death of Alternative Media

Good video but a quick message to the guy in this video…the alt-media was inundated with CIA stooges and state propaganda a long time ago buddy. Much of the alt-media is a steam valve put in place by the establishment. Alternative propaganda. When they label or categorize something you know their fingers are in it. “Alt-right”, “Alt-media”, “Mainstream media” “lamestream media”, “Truther”, “Truth movement”, “Sheeple”, “Conspiracy theorists”, “Conspiratards”, “Revisionist history”, “Alternative history”, “Mainstream History”, “Flat Earther”, “Ball Earther”, etc…Create new groups, label them, categorize them, encourage bickering between those groups, divide people, distract people, confuse people, make them waste their energy, make them passive. I have repeatedly said this over the past two years on this site…~TS

We live in a very unique window of history where we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, this window rapidly is closing. What they don’t want you to know, is the people have the power to counter and defeat this, and here is how.

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