A Fast Joe Bonamassa Lick in E Minor

By Guitar Lick Dojo

This is a Joe Bonamassa inspired lick using the E minor scale.

The first part of the lick involves rapid alternate picking straight up the E minor pentatonic scale. If the picking is too difficult, you can always just use hammer-ons in this section.

At the top of that run, you get into E minor territory, and do a very Bonamassa-sounding pull off pattern, followed by a slide lick. The slide lick is really the focus of the lick. If you can nail just that part, you have an awesome new lick in your arsenal. The trick to the sliding part is to play it perfectly in time. It is easy to get out of time when you combine techniques – hammers, pulls, slides, picking, etc. If you are able to maintain perfect timing in this lick, it will take you a long way.

This is a descending lick very much inspired by Joe Bonamassa and Eric Johnson.

This is in E minor pentatonic, and descends diagonally down the neck. It covers three positions, starting at the 12th fret, and ending at the 7th fret. Because this covers a few positions, this is a good lick for being able to visualize the scale across the neck. A lot of possibilities open up when you are able to play across the neck, and aren’t locked to a single location.

To get this lick to sound good, focus on smoothness in transition between the positions. You want to make all the notes flow together, and have consistent timing all the way through.

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