Manchester: The Hashtag & Flag Filter Response

The “everything in life is fake” crowd are already saying this bombing was staged. They determined this by watching videos while sitting in their house. But then again they think waking up in the morning is fake. Part of the agenda with the “everything is fake” propaganda is to desensitize people and trivialize these types of events so people don’t think twice about them, they just write it off, it creates apathy. The downside for the controllers is apathy can have a negative affect on the Hegelian Dialectic. People will argue (and rightfully so in my opinion) they want people to react to these events in a way that allows more surveillance and deeper implementation of a police state. The situation we are in now is whether a bombing or shooting is real or fake the establishment seems to care less and less about the public’s reaction, they plow ahead with their agenda anyway. So the “reaction” part of “problem, reaction, solution” doesn’t seem to matter much these days. It’s down to.. problem, solution. The establishment realizes a lot of people are too dumbed down to even care enough about anything to take action and too lazy to change anything so they forge ahead with their agenda with little resistance. For the people who are awake and may create resistance just sell the idea to them that everything is fake or staged. These supposedly “awake” people then point  fingers at the culprits who they think carried out the staged event and lecture people about how everything is a lie and how screwed we are. End result in each scenario is people become apathetic and watch a police state roll out in front of them.

I’m holding off on declaring it was a staged event or false flag. Even so, I have said it over and over on this site, the powers that shouldn’t be have no problem using real bombs or bullets and killing real people during false flags.

Sometimes it is what it is, it’s the real deal and not a false flag.

Do your own research and don’t rely on a bunch of clowns on YouTube to determine what is fake and what is not. Much of it is disinformation…~TS

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  1. Yep – plenty of nutters in this country though


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