Drag Queen Brainwashed Young Children About Gender Fluidity

Social conditioning and mind control. Transgenderism, genderless people, promoting pedophilia, promoting homosexuality, promoting political correctness (which promotes the oppression of free speech), banning mothers and fathers day in certain schools, banning the use of the word “man” or “manpower” from certain colleges, banning the use of the words “mom” and “dad” from schools, destroying the family unit, altering sexual development, 2+2=5, black is white, white is black, up is down, the earth is flat, everything is fake, etc..

All of it a psyop, all of it mind control.

Doesn’t work on all of us motherfuckers. Some of us see right though it and I’m personally going to keep calling it out as long as I can. This site gets more traffic every day, and that’s with zero promotion and no social media accounts connected to it…~TS

This Is Joe Biggs With Infowars.com and today I want to talk about Liberal Madness and the brainwashing of our children.

This is a video about Lil miss hot mess a drag queen that teaches kids about sexuality.

One Parent said this “Drag Queen Story Hour is fantastic because it addresses all of these issues of gender fluidity.”
At the Brooklyn Public Library, Lil’ Miss Hot Mess reads to groups of children.

Well I have a huge issue with this, this is not something I want around my children or topics discussed around my children at this age. This is disgusting that these liberal parents think it’s ok for this to happen.

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