These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

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  1. These rulers of the world are cowards and imposters. They rule nothing. This is the logical error Dr. Carl F. von Weizsacker made in calculating atomic nuclear energy in July 1935 and Dr. James Chadwick endorsed to receive a Nobel Prize on 12 Dec 1935.

    Six months later, the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda recognized the error on 13 June 1936, the error that was never corrected and has isolated humanity from Reality/ Truth/ God for eighty-two years (1936-2017):

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    • I appreciate the comment but I don’t allow links to files I haven’t looked over, and since I don’t have the time now to look them over I removed your links. I’ve had people link to websites or files containing malware or other stupid shit in the past.


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