Sessions Dogged Determination In The Face Of The Rotting Russian Nothing Burger

These hearings are based on a 100% total bullshit narrative created by the deep state and perpetuated by Hillary Clinton before, during and after the election. It’s all theater, and the general public is too fucking stupid to realize it…~TS

Rumors upon rumors that’s what the dying Mainstream Media rumor Goliath would have us all swallow. One of those rumors, that Trump and his cabinet were mulling over firing the Special Counsel headed by former FBI Director Mueller were quickly swatted down.

Meanwhile Americans have reached total burnout on the left’s full blown hoax slowing the promises made by the elected President. The Daily Caller reports “Voters in Midwest states described fatigue as a reason why they tune out the investigations related to the Trump administration and Russia, but Democrats insist the American people want the Russia probes to continue. NBC News spoke to various constituents who appear to be growing tired of the investigations.

“People are making too much of it,” said Jim Wagner of Dubuque, Iowa and Vietnam veteran. Wagner went on to say, “I don’t think there was really anything going on. I just wish [Trump] would shut everybody up and tell them instead of playing the game. I didn’t vote for him, but if he can put it to bed, he ought to.”

Adding yet another nail to the “Russia Collusion” coffin, Attorney General Jeff Sessions went on the stand to clear his name, and tell the Senate Intelligence Committee once again that the accusations of improper conduct by President Trump or his officials are false.

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