Is This Why REP. Steve Scalise Was Shot?

I was talking to a family member yesterday (before I watched this clip) and told them one of the main reasons they’re going after Trump and Sessions is because they’re cracking down on child sex trafficking. If you’ve been reading my blog I have posted many stories about the busts that have been happening since Trump took office. Of course the mainstream media hasn’t covered any of it, probably because pedophiles are high up in a lot of the mainstream news networks and they don’t want attention brought to something (child sex trafficking) they want to keep a lid on. As far as Scalise, I would like to also add that along with wanting to crack down on child sex trafficking Steve Scalise was also working on healthcare reform and wants to get rid of Obamacare.

You may not want to believe it but this is reality folks, there’s dark occultists and pedophiles running around in the government and they don’t mind putting a bullet in you, and I have mentioned this many times on this site…~TS

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