Hollywood Human Trafficking Investigation Parts 1 – 8

If Jake is on the level, and I think he is, the events taking place in his motel room are rather disturbing…~TS

By End Times News Report

In Los Angeles working on human trafficking network with links to US State Department… Just hours after arrival my computer was taken over… cursor is moving around the screen on its own… my system is being scrambled… not sure if this is FBI, CIA or NSA because all three have systems capable of doing this… When I was just checking email and general news I had no problems, but as soon as I started working on my route for the places I’ll be visiting today they took control of my PC. This is going to be an interesting trip!

Still don’t know if it’s FBI, CIA or NSA – but they want me to see what they are doing. They could access my files without me even knowing it… but they are doing this so I know about it. Major intimidation effort. I must be on the right track.

I’m sure there is a logical explanation. Perhaps it is a ladder used by hotel maintenance or something. But what has me concerned is why anybody would be setting up a ladder outside of my 2nd floor window at a quarter to 11 o clock at night.

Technically, since I came in from the east coast, my body clock says it is almost 2 AM. Did someone assume I’d be asleep at this time of night? Was it just some other hotel guests playing around?

I called the front desk and they didn’t know anything about it and that they don’t have any maintenance workers here this time of night, but that they’d have someone remove the ladder in the morning.

Yes, I’m sleeping with one eye open tonight and with my hand on some cold, hard metal under the pillow.

Front desk has been notified of the incident. My room is now well secured, just to be on the safe side. Like I said before, the incident may be nothing. But I like to be cautious.

To avoid any potential for community strikes for doxxing, I am not going to post addresses or any info that will personally identify my targets.

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