An Horrific Arpeggio Study

Bach: Prelude No. 2 in C minor, transposed to A minor. Fun stuff, worked on it last night…~TS

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  1. Very nice. My fingers can never move like that. I’m more of a chord guy, with the occasional metal riff on the lower strings. I always like when a player’s fingers basically look like a speedy spider.

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    • That’s not me in the clip that’s Rick Graham. I love rhythm and solos. I was mainly a rock/hard rock/metal guy for a long time and I was into a lot of the technical stuff but I always appreciated great blues players as well. I also highly respect people who can write a good tune. A good song is everything. There’s people who think they can write a tune and others who really can write a tune. I always try to write, I always work on riffs. Some are good, some suck. But then there’s the guitar geek side of me where I like to just work on my guitar playing and learn new stuff. I’ve been working on some jazz/blues type rhythm stuff lately. I saw this clip of Kirk Fletcher recently and I sat down and figured out what he was doing, I like transcribing music. This is a I-IV-V in B flat but he throws in a good deal of passing tones and a few chord substitutions. Check it out:

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      • Thanks for that! I really dig the blues. The only blues players Ive really heard are just modern rock bands who throw a little blues into their riffs sometimes. I’m the same way with guitar. Theres a few gems in the things I write, but most of it I dont really care for. I have a few of my solo songs on
        they are from a couple of years ago, and Im actually quite embarassed by some of them lol. Gotta practice more

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