Disturbing video prompts huge backlash after being promoted by YouTube

They’re continuing to try to normalize this shit. As of this post the video in question has 10,443 likes and 27,796 dislikes. I think the public has spoken. They throw this garbage out there on YouTube and on other platforms and they track the response in order to gauge how it’s accepted and to fine tune their approach…~TS

By Adam Garrie | The Duran

The video is disgusting sexual propaganda using real children.

A disgusting video posted on a Youtube channel called “Cut” shows adults discussing obscene sexual acts in front of small vulnerable children. The children whose faces appear in full view are pictured as parents show off various obscene products that are illegal in some countries and cannot be sold in traditional shops in others. The spoken content is extremely explicit. These are words that no child should be forced to hear and concepts that no child should be inflicted with.

The video is titled “Parents Explain Mast*rb!tion” (the obscene word is spelled out in full on YouTube). For anyone who has tried to post a video on Youtube about current events, it becomes clear that it is not always easy to make the video viewable to people under the age of 18 even when simply discussing news items to do with world affairs. It seems that the makers of this smut had no such trouble.

It is not only unconscionable that such a video could be made, but it is equally irresponsible for Youtube to publish the video, seeing as Youtube has a strict no pornography and no child exploitation policy.

The children in this video are clearly being sexually exploited by sick adults, all of whom should be questioned by police immediately.

It is worrisome that as of 11 July 2017 at 17.56 Moscow time the video has 482,549 views, although it is somewhat heartening that the obscene sexual propaganda has more dislikes than likes on the youtube page. Many of the comments also condemn the vile content.

One glance through the other videos posted by “Cut” reveals a troubling trend of child exploitation, paedophilic tendencies and obtuse vulgarity.

No child should have to suffer for being born in a certain place. The children in Iraq who died because of sanctions in the 1990s and imperialist war in the 2000s died simply because they had the misfortune to be born in Iraq during a time when western powers sought to inflict hell upon Iraq.

The children of Yugoslavia suffered a similar fate when NATO illegally bombed their country in 1999.

The children of Donbass and Palestine continue to suffer on a daily basis from wars of aggression from the Ukrainian and Israeli regimes, respectively.

But children born in the west do not deserve to suffer at the hands of paedophiles any more than children born in countries targeted by imperialist war deserve to suffer.

The cycle of violence against the innocent of the world needs to end.

The Duran has taken the decision not to publish a direct link to the vile video, but InfoWars have decided to do so. You can view their story here.

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