How I Catch Pedophiles on Facebook

By End Times News Report

See Guide Below. If you want to see examples of how I try to catch pedophiles on Facebook, then watch this video.

Examples of Foreign Pedophiles 12:06

Muslim from Morocco Wants to Webcam 14:20
Christian from Borneo Wants to Marry Me 15:32
Moroccan “Banker” Wants Naked Pics 19:28
Turk Wants Me to Move to Istanbul 22:01
Ethiopian Asks About 5 Year Olds 23:05
Man from Jordan Gets Very “Hot” 27:05
Pakistani Demands Nude Pics 28:54

Examples of Domestic Pedophiles 30:16

Environmentalist Uses Disney Approach 30:40
San Diego Man Just Wants to Help 31:07
Dude Wonders If I Do Mail Order 32:10
Watching the Grass Grow Together! 33:28
Date with Married Miami Man 35:09
NY Man Sets Up 2 Week Visit 37:50

Honorable Mention

The Flat Earther 49:49

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