5G Technology: Potential Risks To Human Health: Excerpts From Scientific Conference

I’ve listened to some podcasts with clickbait titles where people babble and make assumptions about 5G networks, surveillance, the NWO, etc.. but many of these podcasts don’t really break down the science behind 5G and why it’s a problem for your health. This is a good short clip breaking that down for you. I know a lot of people in the alternative media dislike scientists and doctors, I don’t blame them, but you do have some scientists and doctors (like Dr. Devra Davis) out there that tell you the real deal. It’s good to take off the conspiracy hat once in a while and took a look at the science of how something works. Take the blinders off once in a while…~TS

This video has clips from the expert conference on Wireless and Health held at IIAS January 2017

Dr. Devra Davis delivered the Deans Lecture at Melbourne University on Cell Phone Radiation

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