Amazing!!! Worst Seller On Reverb!!!

This is why if I buy a used guitar I usually go with Guitar Center or I buy locally from Craigslist. At least with Guitar Center you can have a used item sent to your local store and you can check it out first before you buy it. If you opt to have it sent right to your house (which is what I do because I hate driving) and there’s a problem with the guitar you just go to your nearest GC and return it and get a refund on the spot, including the shipping in most cases. Or you can box it back up and get a prepaid shipping label and send it back to the store that sent you the shit item. I like to return it in person to my local store. The less shipping back and forth the better. I never used Reverb so I have no personal experience with it and seeing the way Will was treated I won’t ever deal with them. I did buy a guitar off of ebay for the first time years ago and luckily it worked out but I wouldn’t do it again.

Update: Reverb reinstated Will’s account and reposted his negative feedback..~TS

By Wills Easy Guitar

I bought a takamine guitar off of and got totally fucked by both the seller David Ryan and Reverb themselves. I buy a guitar not as described, and poorly shipped and am banned from reverb. I have all of it here for you to see including the phone conversations. don’t buy from reverb or his may happen to you. DO NOT BUY FROM “RD’s deals” the guy is a piece of shit. here is his shop… and for the record, I didn’t say any foul language in the feedback. it was honest and to the point. I couldn’t show it to you because they deleted it.

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