The Egyptian Pyramid – Part 1 (Symbolism and Metaphor)

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

“The most beautiful thing we can experience
is the mysterious.”

– Albert Einstein

Pyramids! We find these mysterious, immense, and fascinating structures throughout the world. We gaze at them in wonder and ask ourselves: who built them? how were they built? what were they used for? and, when were they built?

We may never know the True answers to all, or any, of these perplexing questions; and this is what mystifies us. However, by delving into the Symbolism of the Pyramid we can begin to un-Veil some of the Esoteric and Ancient meanings contained within that mysterious and sacred structure we call the Pyramid.

The word “pyramid” is a Greek word. And because it is a Greek word, which is a much later language than Ancient Egyptian, this tells us that this was not the original name that these structures were called in antiquity. For the Greeks came to Egypt at a far later Time after the Pyramids were built.

However, as words change from one language to another, at least a portion of their original essence tends to remain as language  is passed down through Time, different civilizations, and various languages.

When we look at the etymology of the word “pyramid” we notice that the root of this word is pyre. Pyre means Fire. And Fire can be further translated Symbolically, Alchemically, and Mythologically as: enlightenment, illumination, primal energy, the Creative Seed, and Divine Principle.

When we trace the original Name for Pyramid back to Ancient  Egyptian hieroglyphs, we come upon the glyph Per-Neter, or Per-Neteru, which translates as “House of Divine Principles”. And Divine Principles are the primal essences, the original Creative Seeds, and Natural Laws which exist throughout the cosmos and give energy, purpose, and expression to all things.

(See:The Egyptian Neter“)

The Pyramid also represents, Symbolically, the primordial mound which appears in numerous creation myths throughout the world. The primordial mound is the first matter that rose out of the depths of the sea of Chaos (the Great Subconscious) to create the material realm. This primordial mound, upon rising from the primal Waters, separated these Waters below from the sky above.

When we view the Great Pyramids of Egypt from one of their sides we notice that they are massive upward-pointing Triangles. An upward-pointing, or ascending, Triangle has one point at its top and two points stretched out equally at its wide base below. We also notice that the Pyramid has four sides, is stepped, and is built upon solid bedrock.

With all of these points in mind, let us now delve into the Symbolic, and metaphorical, Lessons contained within the Pyramid.

Ascending Triangle: As an ascending Triangle, the Pyramid is one of the basic and revered shapes contained within Sacred Geometry. A Triangle has three sides. And, Esoterically, the number Three is the number of creation (See:The Three Gunas“)

In Alchemy, the upward pointing, or ascending, Triangle is the Symbol for the Element of Fire; which, again, represents enlightenment, illumination, force, energy, and the Creative Seed.

Solid Bedrock: The Great Pyramid is built on solid bedrock; not shifting sand. This teaches us that, just as the Pyramid requires a solid and stable foundation to support itself, we too require a solid and stable foundation beneath our character if we are to be firm and unwavering in our Thoughts and Actions. For we cannot ascend to great heights if our character is not set on solid principles (bedrock). Those of us who build our character on shifting sand always find ourselves shaky, unstable, and ready to collapseunder the most minimal stresses which daily life, and Time, bring upon us.

Wide Base: The Pyramid is widest at its base. And “base”, in this instance is a very appropriate Word. This large and wide base is Symbolic of where a very large part of humanity spends most if its Incarnation. The base is Symbolic of where the masses congregate, struggle, fight, argue, and mingle. And although everyone “wants” to get themselves out of this lower segment of society, or what is often referred to as the “rat race”, very few accomplish this feat. Most people find that they are simply incapable while others just can’t quite figure out how to “get over the hump”that leads to thehigher levels.

Four Sides: Each side of the Pyramid faces only in one direction.Symbolically, this means that those people occupying one side of the Pyramid have only a limited, and one-sided, view of Events. Furthermore, the view of those occupying the bottom (the base) is more restricted than is the view of those who have ascended to higher levels.

And, as the “view” of those persons who occupy one side of the Pyramid is limited to only one direction, these persons are incapable of “seeing” all that is occurring throughout all “four corners” of creation.

This restricts the ability of these persons to make sound and rational decisions for they are restricted from viewing what is happening all around them. Therefore the one-side Symbolizes limited Awareness, short-sidedness, and a narrow point of view.

Stepped: The Pyramid is “stepped”. The steps of the Pyramid are therefore similar to the steps of the Ladder; which is another Symbol for Ascension. These steps teach us that knowledge, Wisdom, and Ascension must be earned one-step-at-a-time. These steps also represent “resting stops” where we may find ourselves lingering occasionally while we acquire the necessary skills to Ascend to the next higher level. But, by their very nature, the steps of the Pyramid provide every individual who is willing to accept the Quest the solid footing necessary to transcend the world of pettiness, superficiality, and the mundane.

Those of us who work  diligently on the mental and spiritual aspects of our Divine Nature ultimately acquire the skills, knowledge, Awareness, and Wisdom necessary to scale the higher, narrower,and more sublime levels of the Pyramid.

As we Symbolically ascend the levels of the Pyramid we are better able to see the other directions which were previously hidden from our view. Things also Become considerably more peaceful and less crowded.  The air at these higher levels is purer. The individuals, beings, and essences we come into contact with at these Ascending levels are more sublime. And, as an added bonus, the view from the top of the Pyramid is unlimited, unique and awe-inspiring.

In “The Egyptian Pyramid – Part 2” we will explore:
1. The numerology of the Pyramid;
2. The unfinished (truncated) top;
3. The invisible capstone;
4. The “All-Seeing Eye” (which appears on the U.S. Dollar bill);
5. The invisible descending Pyramid.

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